«Questions, that move forward»

«My leadership works. I just don’t know how.»

«Questions, that move forward» is a new support tool for leadership development. In an impact analysis, structured feedback delivers information on how leadership behaviour affects us, thus allowing those with managerial responsibilities a comparison of their self and outside image. This analysis allows those involved and the management or the coach, to develop concrete goals and formulate measures. «Questions, that move forward» is thereby the most important tool for sustainable organizational development.

«I want to develop my leadership skills.»

The development of skills needed to deal with people is a continuous process. This is nothing new, and there are countless methods and tools for it. Unfortunately, such tools have the critical disadvantage of standard criteria not doing justice to what is most important: human individuality. This is where «Questions, that move forward» begins.

«Stay true to yourself»

«Questions, that move forward» combines the principle of «stay true to yourself» with the drive of continuous improvement. The questions are not simply dictated, but rather chosen from a library of questions. This has several advantages. In addition to higher motivation, preliminary conclusions regarding leadership behaviour can already be drawn from the selection of questions. Furthermore, this approach allows a precise focus on objectives and measures to be defined later. The deciding factor is the question library, which was developed in close collaboration in practice during the past 15 years, and which includes crucial questions, with which a manager is confronted daily.

How does «Questions, that move forward» work?

In the first step, the manager chooses their important questions and defines the feedback providers. Together with the coach the individual question lists are discussed and adjusted, if necessary. Then the survey is carried out and evaluated by the tool. The results are discussed in the team and form the basis for setting new development goals and measures. Periodically repeating surveys ensures that the measures are successful and the development process is not stuck in the sand.

Where is the system used?

«Questions, that move forward» is the tool for:

  • Individual managerial coaching
  • Development of management or corporate culture
  • Team and organizational development
  • Talent management
  • Leadership Assessments
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